Love Is Forever

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There are people in our lives, best friends, family members, and significant others, that we accept no matter what.  We accept their dislikes, their likes, their opinions (even if we disagree), their aspirations, their past, and their faults.  And we love them for all that they are.  No matter what.


I recently read Marilyn Manson’s autobiography, Long Hard Road Out of Hell, and there was something Manson said that I’ve been chewing on ever since the words jumped off the page: “Not only are love and hate such closely related emotions, but it’s a lot easier to hate someone you’ve cared about than someone you never have.”  I knew the statement to be true, but I couldn’t quite explain why, until today.  I can’t just hate my neighbor.  I don’t really know my neighbor, and my neighbor knows little about me.  No intense emotions exists, and no one is vulnerable.  But…

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Pain and Sorrow … . ✌

Miss Imperfection

Do you see it? The pain and sorrow that engulfs me? Probably not. As I’m being devoured by this darkness, you sit there, eyes taunting.. eyes that seem so meaningless, but seems to hold so many secrets. They stare back at me. Those “Oh so Innocent” eyes that make me melt into a passion of sweetness. But wait – Another is here. My feelings are unclear. I feel nothing. He is not the one. He is not it. The temptation of his lips try to seek mines but fails. I feel nothing. But you… even if you speak nothing, your eyes tell a novel. Don’t know who to hurt.. to say I don’t fancy thou, just to hide myself from being hurt? Too many times.. too many times. Or to try not hurt the other, so they don’t feel the same pain and sorrow that I have felt? The same…

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Thoughtfully Written


Food for thought. Since “the end of the world” is tomorrow, I thought this picture was a perfect question. What if it really was? Would you be happy with how you spent it? Would there be anything you wish you would have said? Or done? Is there someone you wish you would have kissed? Or told how you feel? Sometimes we don’t have as much time as we think we do.

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